Lifeguard safety boat

Lifeguard safety boat – we are asking if anyone in our community is experienced with motor boat repairs and investigation. Currently the lifeguard motor has been failing on a daily bases and we are asking if anyone might have a motor to lend while we investigate repairs or replacement of motor. This is a critical piece of our safety for the beach and many water activities have been canceled due to the lack of lifeguard response because the motor boat is not operational. The lending of a motor allows us to send existing motor out for repairs and investigate the purchasing of new motor and boat. The idea is we have approximately 5 weeks remaining in our summer season and this will allow the board to have more time to determine a solution.
The board is also asking if someone in our community is familiar with nautical equipment. We would like for someone to research what type of motor and boat will be needed to replace the existing equipment. Anyone who is interested in taking on this task should contact Don Niehoff or any other board member.
The lack of the motor boat suspends all boating and paddle board activities for our members so we need answers quickly.